Terms and conditions

Personal details:

All booking information is secure and will remain private. The parent or guardian of each swimmer is required to update Watersplash Swim School (WSS) of any change in personal information. All medical records and treatments relevant to swimming must be communicated to WSS in writing.


WSS will use and retain information provided to us by anyone who enquires about classes and a course at any of our venues. We shall only use this information to market and promote swimming lessons and associated goods and servicesprovided directly by WSS and affiliated companies. Information is not shared with any other 3rd party companies or groups.

Classes: Parents/guardians will be informed of day and time your class commences before the start of term. The time stated is when the class starts so please ensure you arrive in plenty of time to change. Classes will not be delayed to accommodate late arrivals. Class sizes are determined by the ability of the swimmers. WSS reserves the right to merge or cancel classes. Late arrivals will not be admitted to a class if they arrive more than 15 minutes after the start of a lesson and between 10 and 15 minutes late is admitted at the discretion of the teacher.


WSS reserves the right to change teachers, at all times during the course, but will endeavour to keep any changes to a minimum.

Assessments: Assessments are carried out before a swimmer commences a course. The result of the assessment forms the basis of the class they are placed in which is judged to the best fit of the swimmers ability. Swimmers will be assessed continually over the duration of a course:

a.Swimmers who are progressing slower in a group may be asked to attend a more suitable class to ensure they can continue to improve at their own pace.

b.You can request an assessment at any time. However, a swimmer can only be moved to another class during the first 5 weeks of a course.

c.Duckling/Stanley classes are for children aged 3 and over.


Badges/certificates are awarded after the swimmer has achieved the standard requiredbased on the specific criteria for that award. All awards are given during the last 23 weeks of term.


Rebooking takes place from the last 4 weeks of each term. All swimmers currently enrolled on a course have priority to rebook those places. After the closing date places that have not been booked will be offered out to those on the waiting list.

Day/time changes:

Please fill in a request form with the poolside manager.

Confirmation of places offered:

Places can be reserved but are not confirmed until payment is received for any course. If the course starts before payment is received WSS reserves the right to allocate the place to someone else.

Refund policy:

Places cancelled before the commencement of a term shall be refunded in full. After that time no refunds are given unless in exceptional circumstances. Refunds are issued by bank transfer. Lessons missed for holidays and illness are forfeited. Refunds/credits are not made if the swimmer is unable to attend a scheduled lesson during the term.

Longer term absence i.e.medical: Lessons will be banked and credited to your account to use for the next course.

Lessons cancelled by WSS: In the event the host pool cancels a class we will inform all those due to attend as soon as possible. The lesson will be rearranged at another time i.e.half term or an additional class at the end of term. WSS does not issue refunds if swimmers are unable to attend a session that has been rescheduled to another date. In the event that a class cannot be rescheduled your account will be credited equal to one swimming lesson redeemable against future lessons or paid as a refund should you not return to swim with WSS. In the event of a significant closure spanning more than three weeks WSS will make separate arrangements transferring fees to the next planned course or run an additional set of lesson.

Course etiquette and supervision:

1.As part of the teaching process and for safety it is essential that from time to time teachers will have physical contact with children, parents and guardians acknowledge and accept such contact is required.

2. Swim teachers will only register attendance on poolside.

a. WSS Swim teachers will not accept the responsibility or guardianship of a swimmeruntil they are registered.

b. Parents and guardians are responsible for supervising their children until their charges are registered.

c. WSS swim teachers do not accept any responsibility to supervise swimmers in the changing rooms or guiding them to or from the changing rooms.

3. Children under 8 must be accompanied in to the changing rooms. Children under 8 should use the changing room of the gender of the guardian accompanying them.

4. Parents and guardians must remain on the complex during the class for children under 8.

5. Swimmers should wear appropriate swim wear.

6. Medical conditions including verruca’s and warts must be reported and action taken by the swimmer/guardian to protect other swimmers.

7. All swimmers must shower and toilet before entering the pool.

8. Long hair must be tied up.

9. Parents and guardians are requested:

a. Not to speak to your child during a lesson. Distracting a child can disrupt the whole class.

b. Do not use mobile phones or cameras whilst on poolside. Mobile phones should be turned to silent.

c. Do not communicate or distract the swim teachers during a lesson. Please contact poolside managerif you wish to speak with a teacher.

d. Do not allow a swimmer to consume sweet drinks or any food for up to an hour prior to entering the water. Swimming is an active sport and can occasionally cause upset stomachs. Any sickness is likely to cause closure of the pool and cancellation of swimming lessons. Please do not bring your child swimming if they have suffered sickness and/or diarrhoea up to 48 hours before the lesson.

WSS is not a competitive school. We aim to teach swimming to all ages and abilities. While we take every precaution to ensure the environment is safe and thattheteaching methods used are safe we have to consider the action and behaviour of the swimmers and the impact on other swimmers. WSSreserve the right to remove from a single class or course anyone whose behaviour is considered potentially hazardous and disruptive to other swimmers.